Friday, May 18, 2012

AMDISCS Summer Showcase Euro Tour 2012

AMDISCS Summer Showcase Euro Tour 2012 
from 22nd June - 15th July with
Golden Axe/NZ, Horse Head (Tan Dollar)/US, WALSH/US

All dates will be available soon:
Vienna(Austria) / Creepy Teepee Festival(Czech Republic) / Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux(France) / Fusion Festival-Flugplatz Lärz, Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, Karlsruhe(Germany) / Barcelona, Madrid, Bueu/Vigo(Spain) / Zurich(Switzerland) / Coimbra, Porto(Portugal)
* Porto (PT) & Coimbra (PT) with Sensible Soccers
** All Spain & Portugal dates with Afrika Pseudobruitismus

we would like to thank all the people who helped us and we are looking forward to see y'all soon

Video by Simon Ward

thanks to Antistars & Lemon Cat

Golden Axe 'Liquid Bacon' LP ////
Horse Head 'Jewelry' EP ////
WALSH 'Back 2 The High Life' ////

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