Thursday, May 10, 2012

Honeydrum 'Stranger Calls' 7'' / 'Do U Party?' EP CD available NOW

The right time had fully come, and we are very keen on to present you with all the joyfull sounds bursting with coconut and ananas smells diffusing behind a dimmed tv screen of forbidden nooks and alleys, that could have existed in plans of Cpt. Hook for his fellow mallrats in the destiny mall called Sunrisepolis. At the far end of the remaining treasured memories the sun never sets and the band called Honeydrum is playing their refreshing music while the pleasant breeze caress your cheeks. The voice of the singer is heard as if it seeped under your skin, and all of your skin cells sing it out with bronze coloured voice, while the gaudy bubble drums hover around the participant of this 'sump'n else' party.The strangers who calls on you are just nothing else but the proper stage set for this thing to happen.

Honeydrum // VOICEMAN 
from Behind the Walk-in

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