Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Witowmaker - "Where Are" ~ Out Now ~

Witowmaker – ‘Where Are’ – 2013 (AMDD138)

“WHERE ARE” is a concept album revolving around human suffering. Samples are captured from various videos of the rawest forms of pain and negative human emotion. For example one audio loop is captured from a boy confessing his love for a girl that has left him, begging her intimately and desperately to take him back, sobbing and blubbering sincerely to us. Another sample loop features a woman mournfully singing to her dog as it’s being euthanized, we hear her voice quivering over and over; I find it progressively more elegant and terrifying every time i hear it. The album is based around the existential contemplation of longing, loss, and sorrow. The title “Where Are” is derived from an anti-texting campaign, wherein the advertisement features a young disabled man explaining painfully that “WHERE R” was the last thing he texted before he crashed his car (due to texting and driving) and now lives and struggles through existing with permanent brain damage. He says “i just want to give up so bad” as we watch him agonizingly try to put on a shirt. It was this sad and memorable advertisement that inspired me to make this experimental album.”  ~ Witowmaker


01 – I’m So Sorry

02 – Alome

03 – Gaze Into Static

04 – Where Are

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