Friday, December 20, 2013

Worshyper – KEEPS (AMDD140)

We are proud to release debut album 'KEEPS' by philadelphia based trio Worshyper.

Worshyper gives us a lush blend of abstract tones and soulful vocals in their version of experimental RNB that will prove that your ears are sexy to listen.
Matthew, Kevin and Marie, the three members of Worshyper met when Matthew’s brother Keith began the philadelphia experimental pop project Power Animal in 2008. Through the years the trio have continuously collaborated, in the spring of 2012 in a basement in South Philadelphia Kevin and Matthew began working on what would be the earliest Worshyper material. Simple & emotive casio passages with raw energetic percussion arrangements laid the foundation for Matthew and Marie to find their individual voices. In September of 2012 via Human Kindness Overflowing, a Philadelphia based charitable label run by Keith Hampson, Worshyper released their debut ep, 'Happened'.
Over the course of 2013 the group have offered numerous inspired live performances; testing the material that would comprise their forthcoming debut album, 'Keeps'. The album is an unapologetic document, bringing to light Worshyper’s most distilled strengths. Written in the winter and spring of 2013 while living together in the vibrant & sobering Kensington neighborhood of North Philadelphia, the album intends to reflect the dichotomy of its conceived environment, personifying the bleak urban harshness while championing the aching hope and unchained joy that willingly thrive in the face of adversity.


01 - Walk With Me
02 - Knot
03 - Fields
04 - Hold You Close
05 - Dreamt
06 - Interlude 1
07 - Twenties
08 - If I Die Young
09 - Calm & Haunt
10 - Quiet Girls
11 - Hold Me Close
12 - Keeps

Artwork by Rianna Lee Brown

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